The mission of the Texas Institute for Environmental Sustainability is to foster a committment to environmental sustainability within Texas beginning wtih the students, staff, faculty , and administration of Hardin-Simmons University and extending out concentrically through the city of Abilene, the region of West Texas, to the entire state.




Three overlapping circles.  Environment, Economic, Social.  Overlaps labeled bearable, equitable, and viable.  Most common area: sustainable

Sustainability is defined as the capacity to endure.  For earth to continue to support human life as we know it, we must be aware of the interdepence of the social, economic, and environmental aspects of our world.  We must responsibly manage resources, institute effective laws, and encourage ethical consumerism.


Join us in our pursuit of Environmental Sustainability!


Dr. Hammer in the woods near Big Bend Park teaching the concepts of Leave No Trace HSU Go Green logo with tree and recycling bin Flowers hanging over the word: xeriscape for Abilene Texas

Leave no Trace Program


Environmental Science Program